Stem Cells Live: Pharma-Biotech Partnering Snapshot

Human stemcell

This morning panel discussion at the 9th WSCRM Conference with Micheal Shuster (Mesoblast), Zami Aberman (Pluristem Therapeutics) and Micheal Hunt (ReNeuron) was an interesting confrontation on how differently-sized regen med companies engage with funding and deal making strategies.

Both Mesoblast and Pluristem have years of experience in negotiating solid partnerships (Teva and Lonza the former, United Therapeutics and an other company in South Korea the latter), whereas ReNeuron is instead at an earlier stage of business development and although they aspire to partner with pharma companies in the future, CEO Micheal Hunt pointed out that “it would be a mistake to let deals prevail on your strategy”.

On the other hand, Pluristem released that their partners looked for trust and understanding grounds which were provided by significant trial outcomes in their case. An understanding of MoA and process are critical for Mesoblast too, as these ultimately maximize the potential to facilitate marker approval.

Giulia Detela for Total BioPharma at WSCRM Congress, London

Giulia Detela
PhD Student
Department of Biochemical Engineering
University College London