Live Long & Prosper? A New Report Highlights Economic & Health Benefits of A Growing Regenerative Medicine Sector

Againg Analytics

London, United Kingdom, May 22, 2014

Aging Analytics & The London Regenerative Medicine Network have co-published ‘Investing in Regenerative Medicine: Technology Analysis & Market Outlook’, a 106 page primer on Regenerative Medicine sector. Freely available and designed to inform industry stakeholders from investors and corporations through to government departments and the general public, the report highlights the significant potential for job creation, economic growth and increases in longevity from investment in the sector. The report was launched on Wednesday at the World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress organized by Terrapin in Bishopsgate, London. Aging Analytics UK’s Charles Groome, the report’s Editor, stated:

“There’s no better place to launch such a report; the World Stem Cells Congress brings together stakeholders from all the major pharmaceutical companies, start-ups, suppliers and contract research organizations. All of which are covered by the ARMIF database used to generate the report. This is a critical time for the industry; despite a significant outperformance of public companies in the sector, venture capital funding for early-stage projects remains at the lowest level in nearly two decades. With our ‘Investment in Regenerative Medicine’ report we hope to alert non-traditional investors such asPension Funds to the latent opportunity in the sector.”

Aging Analytics has adopted and significantly enhanced the Moscow Centre for Biogerontology & Regenerative Medicine’s ‘Analytical Regenerative Medicine Industry Framework’ (ARMIF) that organises companies involved in the industry according to a matrix with levels including diseases, organs effected, tissues, cells, enabling technologies and equipment. This is a unique approach to valuing the sector that accounts for the wealth of suppliers and support services involved in the industry. It also accounts for the growing number of projects being conducted by larger pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies without an explicit remit in the regenerative medicine sector. An exceptionally strong descriptive tool, it can be combined with financial analysis by Aging Analytics to provide investment recommendations. Report co-author Alexander Aliper stated:

“Our goal is to accelerate progress in regenerative medicine by providing comprehensive analytics and tools for dynamic road-mapping and decision making. We are analyzing complete histories of technological breakthroughs from ideas to grants, from grants to patents and publications, from publications to clinical trials and from clinical trials to clinical adoption and key performance indicators. This strategy may help the many stakeholders to analyze the many individual projects, but also zoom out and explore the big picture.”

The ARMIF is a flexible multi-dimensional and multi-factorial model, which helps segment the industry and analyze the presence of the many companies in the many areas of regenerative medicine. The many industry segments and niches carry various risks, costs and threats and provide for different opportunities and returns. For example, in segments catering to the research community, technology risk outweighs the risk of clinical trials. The model allows for the many analytical processes to be automated, simulated in retrospect and extrapolated into the future using advanced machine learning technologies.

The report represents the second of three pillars of Aging Analytics’ business. The first being consultancy and provision of life science market intelligence to governments and pension funds and the third being provision of advanced machine learning software capable of informinginvestment decisions. On May 13th the company announced that Deep Knowledge Ventures (DKV), a Hong Kong based venture capital fund focused on companies developing therapies for age-related disease and regenerative medicine, had appointed Aging Analytic’s software VITAL (Validating Investment Tool for Advancing Life Sciences), a machine learning program capable of making investment recommendations in the life science sector, to its board.

The report details the trends, locations and types of organization that are coming to the fore in the nascent industry. It also highlights the significant deals, partnerships and acquisitions of 2013.

About Aging Analytics

Aging Analytics Agency Ltd performs innovative research in biotechnology and regenerative medicine, keeping abreast of the newest processes and technologies for extending life. Through development of databases, frameworks and software supporting financial decision making it provides tools to qualify capital allocation decisions in the public and private sector. The company also provides strategic consulting in the field of regenerative medicine. Aging Analytics is registered in the England & Wales as company no. 08749873 and has its registered office at 20 Centenary Avenue, South Shields, Tyne and Wear, England, NE34 6QH. For more information please visit

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