Clinical Trial Decline for Central and Eastern Europe

Clinical Trials briefing - Clinical Trials on the decline in Europe

Clinical Trials are on the decline in Central and Eastern Europe according to a report published by Applied Clinical Trials yesterday. The report suggests that the undertaking of clinical trials is shifting Eastwards, focusing more on Asia.

The Applied Clinical Trial report states that “Central and Eastern Europe participates in about 13% of clinical trials conducted in Europe and in about 5% of those conducted globally.¬†However, this number was as high as 7.5% in 2006. In relative terms, the decline here goes as far as 28% over the last six years.”

This decline has been marked by analysts and those developing clinical trials, and it was one of the main reasons why the Clinical Trials Regulation will be brought into effect from 2016, with the aim to reduce this decline. The new regulation aims to streamline the clinical trial application process and make it much easier to conduct multinational trials.

However it is not only the application process that has hindered the EU’s desirability as a location to conduct clinical trials. Rather there are other factors affecting global clinical trials that must be taken into consideration. The report points to the availability of skilled professionals, lower costs and faster patient recruitment, which contribute to a decline. Alongside this, as these new countries adopt good clinical practices and invest more in their healthcare they will continue to attract clinical trials.

So what is the EU to do? The report asks whether this is a trend of fluctuation, when you put the decline in the EU in perspective you can see that although it has suffered a decline in recent years it is not unrecoverable and therefore hopefully will not be a trend. Rather the EU have identified an area of weakness Рthe Clinical Trials Directive and are changing it for the better. Recovery measures are being put in place, such as the EU Clinical Trials Regulation, and hopefully investment will soon follow due to this. It will be interesting to see how many trials are conducted in Europe this time next year, to see whether it has had any effect.

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