The future of pharma innovation: Genomic medicine

future of biopharma

The future of drug development is undoubtedly tied to personalizing medicine. Understanding a person’s genetic makeup in order to not only detect but treat diseases is at the forefront of medicine nowadays. The Mexican pharma industry has joined this trend as several companies are joining efforts with research institutions to look at the diversity of genetic profiles in the Mexican population.

But what exactly is genetic medicine? And how can it lead to personalized treatment options? This new field combines pharmacology and gene therapy to “decipher” the diseases in a particular genome, be it that of an individual or an ethnic group. From this analysis, one should be able to tell how fast a drug is metabolized and thus allow for better treatment options.

For example, let’s say that group A metabolizes ibuprofen faster than group B, this would mean that the people in group A should be given a higher dose of the drug if the effect in both groups should be the same. So we can see that this practice can not only benefit particular individuals by allowing doctors to tailor treatments, but also clinical trials and the validity of their results, which can only benefit pharma companies.

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