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Clinical Trials Briefing - Manfred Kurz Ebook

On 16th April 2014 the new EU Clinical Trials Regulation was adopted. This new regulation, which comes into force in 2016, replaces a convoluted Clinical Trials Directive and aims to streamline clinical trial applications across the EU, making cross border trials easier. Manfred Kurz, Senior Global Regulatory Affairs Manager at Mylan has an in depth knowledge of how clinical trials are conducted across the globe. He has kindly provided us with answers to key questions concerning the new Clinical Trials Regulation.

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Learn about:

  • Whether the Clinical Trials Regulation is a positive move forward
  • How the EU rates as a global clinical trial destination in comparison to the rest of the world
  • What the key priorities are when conducting clinical trials

Read Manfred’s answers now!

This interview provides a taster for the Clinical Trials Briefing on 9th September 2014 in London, where Manfred will be speaking on the global clinical trial landscape. The Briefing will discuss the multi faceted impact that the new Clinical Trials Regulation will have. Download the brochure now.

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