Can Gold Fight Cancer?

Exciting developments have gripped the cancer research space as a result of a “Trojan horse” treatment for Glioblastoma Multiforme, an extremely aggressive form of brain cancer which sees a devastating survival rate at just six in every 100 patients making it past the 5-year mark.

This form of brain cancer is notorious as adults rarely survive past the first months of diagnosis. Surgically removing the tumour is often not an option due to the tumour cells’ invasion of surrounding, healthy brain tissue. However ground-breaking developments could change the face of this form of cancer after a study, conducted by Mark Welland, Professor of Nanotechnology and a Fellow of St John’s College, University of Cambridge, and Dr Colin Watts, a clinician scientist and honorary consultant neurosurgeon at the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, showed positive results.

Their study involved incorporating nanoparticles of gold and cisplatin into the tumour cells. When the tiny particles were infused, results after 20 days suggested that the cancer stopped replicating and many corrupted cells died.

Although this is still very much in the early stages and will need further tests, by having these positive results for an alternative treatment in combating the disease opens up a realm of possibilities for changing the future of Glioblastoma Multiforme and other highly-difficult-to-treat cancers.

For more on alternative treatments and therapies for cancer please get in touch; I am one of the organisers of the Cancer Innovation Congress 2015 and would like to hear your thoughts.

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