Almost half of cancer patients are diagnosed in late stages

Small cell

Analysis by Cancer Research UK, released on Monday 22 September, concluded that 46% of cancers in England are diagnosed in the advanced stages. Given the importance of early diagnosis, this would indicates that almost half of cancer patients are diagnosed at a point when treatment will no longer be truly effective.

The report, conducted by Incisive Health for CRUK, indicated that the stage a cancer has reached at the point of diagnosis varied greatly between different cancers and different parts of the country.

For example, according to this report, lung cancer was diagnosed at an early stage in less than a 25% of patients compared to four-fifths of breast cancers.

In terms of geography, the report claimed that there is a nearly a threefold variation in patients gaining an early diagnosis for bowel cancer when comparing the highest and lowest performing areas. This variation is almost fourfold for lung cancer and nearly fivefold in cases of ovarian cancer.

Diagnosing cancer early is crucial to increasing survival rates, and therefore it is essential that diagnostics improve for the whole spectrum of cancers. This is a topic we will be covering at a new event in October 2015 looking at the latest in cancer diagnostics and treatment, the Cancer Innovation Congress. For more information on this event and for an opportunity to get involved, please email me on This promises to be a very exciting event for all stakeholders involved in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

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