Breast Cancer Awareness Month and cancer innovation

breast cancer

With it being Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, it seemed a good time to tell you about a new project we are working on and why. 

According to Cancer Research UK, more than 1 in 3 people in the UK will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. I come from a large family (I’m one of 17 children!) and even with these statistics, when one of my closest siblings was diagnosed with not one but two different forms of cancer I was completely shocked – these things never happen to you, right? It wasn’t the first time someone from my family had suffered from cancer of course, but she was young and seemed healthy.

Owing to her age, she was given a new form of treatment (I must admit I was never given the details as she isn’t one to talk about these things), and as such there were high hopes for her recovery from both forms. The fact that she was being given this new form of treatment helped me to feel more positive, particularly when she didn’t lose her hair and generally seemed a lot more buoyant than I was expecting during her chemo.

Thankfully she is doing well; she has been in remission for a more than a year. A few years ago, who knows if this would have been the case?

Now what has this got to do with our new project? Well, I am talking about the Cancer Innovation Congress.

The more I read and talk to those working in life sciences, the more I am encouraged by new treatments being approved, or getting orphan designation or better technologies being used to screen for cancer and monitor its progress. However, it just seemed as though there weren’t enough opportunities to bring the community together to share about these achievements and facilitate collaboration. As such, the Cancer Innovation Congress came to be.

The idea of this event to be a marketplace for representatives from industry, government, non-profits, supply chain, academia and patient advocacy groups to discuss the commercial, technological, scientific and strategic needs of the sector.

We are holding the Cancer Innovation Congress in October 2015 in London. If you or your organisation would be interested in getting involved, please do contact me on