Download ebook: Your Patent Expiry Update – 2014 and beyond

Patent expiry has increasingly proved problematic for the Pharma industry. Whilst blockbuster drugs lose their patent protection and companies suffer losses in brand spending, generics steal the market with cheap, accessible, copycat alternatives.  While products worth $66 billion will lose protection in 2015, companies grasp on to their patents insisting they promise innovation and aid invention.

The debate over the importance of patents has been widely discussed and continues to raise valid questions regarding technological advancement and ethical concern.  This ebook will recap patent expiry in 2014, explore the effects of expiration on the industry, look towards future expirations and review the deliberation towards validity of patent protection.

Download and learn:

  • Overview of 2014
  • Key Patent Expirations in 2014
  • 2015 Patent Expiries
  • Patent protection
  • Industry Examples
  • Amendments
  • A look to the future

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