insights, ebook, evidence, real world evidence, rwe, evidence europe 2015

Ebook: Essential insights into real world evidence

insights, ebook, evidence, real world evidence, rwe, evidence europe 2015

Successful companies need to incorporate real world evidence in clinical trials, post approval studies and in payer engagement programmes. Needless to say, this shift is causing monumental changes in how the industry operates, how the payers engage with them and how service providers support pharma. This raises some important questions. What is value? What parts of our existing business model do we keep and what do we change? How do we get meaningful insights from the data being collected?

We put these important questions to a number of thought leaders from industry and the payer community and collated their responses into the below ebook. Their views make compelling reading for anyone who is interested in getting the right drug, to the right patient at the right cost.

Download and learn from:

  • Dr Lesley Wise, Vice President, Risk Management and Pharmacoepidemiology, Takeda U.K.
  • Omar Ali, Formulary Development Pharmacist, N.H.S U.K.
  • Nigel Hughes, Global Director Marketing/, Health Information Technology, Janssen Diagnostics Inc
  • Dr Martin Van Der Graaff, Secretary, Medicinal Products Reimbursement Committee, National Healthcare Institute
  • Dr Päivi Hämäläinen, Director, National Institute of Health and Welfare
  • Katerina Papathoma, Medical Director, Janssen Greece
  • Mr Detlev Parow, Head of The Department Care Management Development, D.A.K. Gesundheit

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Want to learn more?  These leaders will be speaking at next year’s Evidence EU 2015 event, happening 24-26 Feb 2015.  Now in its third year, it has established itself as one of the largest gatherings of observational research leaders in the world.

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