Download White Paper : Single Use Technology specifically designed for microbial fermentation

Single Use Technology is pretty much the one of the most talked about trend in the BioPharmaceutical Space. Within a doubt, this is one topic that has been constantly asked for by our attendees across the BioPharma Asia Pacific events. As we move quickly into the next phase for the BioPharma Asia Convention 2015, we look at some of the key technology featured so far with our partners at the event.

In today’s whitepaper discussion, we look at Thermo Scientific’s HyPerforma Single-Use Fermentor and one can effective scale up microbial fermentation using recombinant E. coli to produce an 80 kDa protein.

Excerpt of White Paper
Fermentation production facilities can utilize the Thermo Scientificâ„¢ HyPerformaâ„¢ Single-Use Fermentor (S.U.F.) instead of traditional stainless steel cleaning-in-place/sterilization-in-place (CIP/SIP) fermentor vessels without modifying their existing procedures. As expression systems are moved to production volumes, they can easily be scaled from a benchtop fermentor (or flask) to the S.U.F. Typically, with other single-use bioreactors used as fermentors, culture procedures have to be modifi ed substantially and risk negatively affecting the organism or plasmid because of the performance constraints of those bioreactors. The HyPerforma S.U.F. was designed to meet the unique requirements of microbial fermentation instead of being modified from a cell culture bioreactor.

Download the white paper case study to learn more over here

To find out more about Single Use Technology and the manufacturing technology space in the Asia Pacific region, check out the BioPharma Asia Convention 2015 webpage and join us on the 23 – 25 March 2015!

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