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Synthetic Biology: The Future of Cell Culture eBook

Cell culture biologics production is expensive when compared to small molecule development, with a large infrastructure of cell culture-based bioreactors to maintain prior to even generating a product. Likewise, the amount of quality control and care that must be placed into cell line and media development to reduce waste products (among other vital functions) often significantly impacts the time it takes to get a biologic to market – and as such, return on investment. However, there is work being done to alleviate many of the remaining downsides to this approach.

Download this eBook today to gain perspectives from several major players in the pharmaceutical industry and academia on how genomics and metabolomics are changing the face of biomanufacturing to help solve these issues, all condensed into one easy to access edition.

5 topics covered in this eBook are:

  • How gene editing and sequencing has led to a design gap
  • Synthetic Biology’s role in cell culture
  • A discussion on how current market leaders are fighting the design gap
  • The Top Down and Bottom-Up approaches being spearheaded by industry and academia
  • The enabling technologies that have brought us here

Download here today!

For more information on the groundbreaking Synthetic Biology findings and how they impact cell culture, join us at the Cell Culture World Congress May 27-28 2015 in San Diego.

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