Generics in Asia

Lower labor cost, relatively well-trained workforce and encouraging government policies are among the factors which promote the transition of Asia into manufacturing hub for bio- and pharmaceutical products. With the expiry of patented drugs, generic manufacturers see the opportunity in competing with the previous monopolies in hope to earn a share in this lucrative market.

How do new generics companies compete with branded generics? What are the ways to speed up the formulation and development of generics? How to position and brand generic products? What are the cost effective ways in manufacturing and end-to-end logistics to ensure profitable operations? What affects the choice of generics over branded generics and vice versa?

57_applesMr Erez Hybloom,  Senior Director, Head of Supply Chain – Teva Japan & S. Korea at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd will be sharing his knowledge on innovative generics marketing and successful marketing and distribution of generics in Biopharma Asia Convention 2015. His experience and knowledge from working in Teva, the biggest generics company in the world, will definitely be meaningful and insightful for those of you who are interested in learning more on the Asia generics market.

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