Changing the image of Asia pharmaceutical industry

Asia is producing young, exciting R&D specialists, large manufacturing plants and copius amounts of patient data. However, it has always been considered a developing continent with “Copy cat” reputation.

Recently, Greencross, a Korean pharmaceuticals have produced Hepavax, a Hepatitis B Vaccine which vaccinated over 130 million people. It has also developed the first epidemic hemorragic fever vaccine, a chicken pox vaccine and the first AIDS dagnostic reagent.

On the other hand, Serum institute of India led by Dr Suresh and his team has finally found the winning formula to manufacture large volumes of vaccines and is now a supplier to 140 countries.

In China, Simcere Pharmaceuticals has partnered with global brands like Merck & Co, and Bristol Myers Squibb to concentrate on therapies for cardiovascular diseases. And this is just one of China’s many companies that large MNCs are getting in bed with.

Asia can no longer be perceived as the lagging strand within the pharmaceutical industry. Biopharma Asia, the most important event to be attended by the bio- and pharmaceutical players will outline the future for Asia’s biopharma industry.

The latest brochure for the 8th annual BioPharma Asia Convention is now available. This exciting event provides industry updates with plenty of networking opportunities for all stakeholders. Find out more by downloading a copy of our brochure now!


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Asia pharmaceutical industry-Asia is also an innovative continent in global pharmaceutical market.