Hua Medicine secures $25M for Phase 2 Diabetes Drug

Just a few days after we covered about the Asia’s pharma industry facelift, a perfect example of this changes comes from Hua Medicine’s $25M funding from its investors for its Series B round to start its Phase II trials

A leading clinical-stage, R&D biotech company in China, Hua Medicine is no stranger to the burgeoning Asian Biotech space. With strong support VC investment firms such as Fidelity Asia, Fidelity Biosciences, ARCH Ventures, Venrock, SAIL and WuXi Ventures, Hua Medicine had in-licensed the R&D rights from major pharmas to develop an oral therapeutic that is set to change the treatment for Type 2 Diabetes.

The fourth-generation glucokinase activator in-licensed from Roche, HMS5552 (Sinogliatin) has a novel mechanism of action to catalyze the activity of the glucokinase enzyme, find in liver and pancreatic tissues. Diabetic patients often have impaired GK activity, resulting in liver glucose production and lower Glucose Stimulated Insulin Release(GSIR).

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Asian Biotechs are fast becoming the spotlight with the upcoming expirations of patents. More than 30 biotechs will be presenting their pipelines and discuss on their next step for growth at the BioPharma Asia Convention 2015, 24-25 March.

To learn more about how you can join in their presentations, check out the BioPharma Asia Convention 2015’s website here, Asia’s leading gathering for biopharma innovation.

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