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Download ebook: Biosimilar Industry Intelligence – 5 Key Perspectives

Change in the biosimilars industry is really picking up pace. The regulatory environment is becoming ever more stable and organisations are continuing to explore development, clinical and commercial strategies that offer genuine value to them, healthcare providers and most importantly, the patient.

It is a busy time for the industry, but it is important to know the latest regulatory and industry developments, realise the impact on your own operations, explore your competitive landscape, meet potential partners and help develop a failsafe biosimilar strategy. Take time out to do all of this in one place, the Biosimilar Drug Development World in Madrid, March 4-5.

Get a sneak peak into some of these discussion areas issues right here, with insights from some of the leading players of the biosimilars sector. Hear what they think, and let them set the scene for this years BDDW conference.

Download ebook to learn from:

  • Mr Alan Herman, Chief Scientific Officer, Coherus Biosciences
  • Dr Steinar Madsen, Medical Director, Norwegian Medicines Agency
  • Mr Cyrus Karkaria,, President Biotech, Lupin Pharmaceuticals
  • Francisco Rebollo Laserna, Medical Manager Biosimilars, Sandoz Farmaceutica Sa
  • Dr Malcolm Mitchell,, Senior Medical Fellow, Eli Lilly and Co

Download ebook

Find out more about attending the Biosimilar Drug Development World Europe 2015 event, happening this 4-5 March in Madrid.  Find out more

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