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Clinical trials are not working well enough to serve the needs of the industry or the patient. It is time to analyse what we are doing currently and how we can transform clinical practice. Where can we disrupt the status quo? Where can we improve? Where can we embrace the best and brightest clinical technologies? How do we create more patient centric and efficient trials?

These are all important questions, so we asked some key players in the clinical sector to have their say. Hear from a mixture of important stakeholders from industry, charity and the patient community on how they are approaching clinical transformation.

Download ebook to gain insights on:

  • Significant innovations impacting clinical research
  • Challenges and solutions in patient recruitment and retention
  • How to create more patient centric trials
  • Exciting, new clinical technologies

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This is just setting the scene for discussions at this year’s 2nd annual Clinical Innovation Congress. The event delves into clinical successes, the newest processes, most innovative technologies and first glimpses of the most exciting clinical pilot schemes out there.  Find out more