Downstream Processing World Congress 2015

Brochure available for Downstream Processing World

Explore the technology of the future including 3D printed chromatography columns and a portable bioreactor that can produce AND purify a biologic drug. Downstream Processing World Congress will be showcasing the cutting edge in what is possible for downstream this February.

Use our roundtables sessions on chromatography, continuous and single-use technologies hosted by top solution providers and interactive on-floor demonstrations to see whether the newest biotech innovations are for you.

On-floor technology demonstrations will be taking place in the exhibition hall where Parker Domnick Hunter, BIA, BioRad, Comecer, I&L Biosystems, Eppendorf, Sartorius, Bosch, Bayer, JSR, KBI, UCB, Irvine Scientific, BD Biosciences, Solentium, Evonik, Corning, Biotechpharma and others will be on hand to answer all of your questions.

To join them, there’s not long left. Download the brochure for more details.

Final early bird registrations close Friday 6 February, so book today to avoid paying a higher price.

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