Ebook: Your Drug Safety Guide on how to sustain transparency in pharmacovigilance

Drug safety is evolving in these exciting challenging times. As organisations embrace a proactive drug safety culture, emerging technologies are coming to the forefront of pharmacovigilance and are performing an increasingly strategic function. Ongoing developments in the regulatory environment, signal management and technologies are bringing the patient to the fore.

How do you sustain patient centric pharmacovigilance? Where can we improve? How do we manage the challenges in signal management? How do we sustain transparency in pharmacovigilance operations? These are all crucial questions, so we asked several industry experts to share their thoughts.

Download the e-book to learn how industry, scholars, doctors and regulatory agencies are approaching drug safety with fresh eyes.

Learn from:

  • Mr Shigeki Tsuda, Senior Managing Director, PMRJ (Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Regulatory Science Society of Japan)
  • Amrit Gill, Senior, Manager Drug Safety & Surveillance, Noven Pharmaceuticals Inc
  • Dr Sameer Thapar, Assistant Professor and Advisor of R.B.H.S. S.H.R.P., Rutgers University
  • Zahra Khudeira, PharmD, MA, BCPS, Medication Safety Officer Certified Professional in Patient Safety, Sinai Health System
  • Dr Kathleen Boyden, Skills Director Infection/Vaccines, AstraZeneca

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