India government launches its own brand to sell cheap generic drugs

India is well known to be one of the “workhorse” in generic production. Despite the comparable reasonably priced drugs in global market, the lower income population is still having difficulty in affording them during treatments. As an initiative to provide more holistic healthcare services for all, Indian government has decided to step in and control generic prices by purchasing and reselling drugs under a new brand name of “Jan Aushadhi”.


Tentatively, 504 medicines will be launched on 1st July under the new brand. It is worth noting that Indian pharmaceutical market is saturated with generic drugs with little patented medicine. This unique scenario allows Indian government to take control of drug quality and prices in providing more affordable drugs for all. It is expected that at least 800 operating agency will be opened under the name of Jan Aushadi Store (JAS) to sell these price controlled drugs.

More details can be found on its official website.