Utilization of high-throughput screening in the development of HyCell™ CHO medium

Traditionally, cell culture medium development has primarily incorporated shake flask cultures, which limit the number of tested conditions, the number of replicates, and the ability to incorporate advanced design of experiments (DoE) statistical methods. To overcome these limitations, we investigated the use of high-throughput screening (HTS) equipment in the development and testing of a medium for culturing Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells.

CHO cells are extensively used in the manufacture of recombinant human therapeutics. However, the nutritional requirements of CHO cells vary by clone type, often requiring the development of a clone-specific production medium to achieve optimal productivity. The use of HTS equipment enabled a DoE approach to be applied in the development of a multi-clone CHO medium. Compared with a traditional approach, more individual cell clones, a higher number of replicates, increased component-factor level and mixture design treatments could be included, all performed with less labor-intensive methods. The outcome is an optimized medium that demonstrates consistently high protein yield across multiple CHO cell clones.

HTS was performed in 96-deep-well plates, with a total culture volume at just above 1 mL. Subsequent evaluation of promising treatments to shake flask-scale revealed exceptionally similar trends in both cell density and product quantity as observed at plate scale.

Having an advanced and reliable HTS process established and validated allows for easy adaptation toward many different medium customization and optimization projects.
The full study is presented in the GE Healthcare poster: HyCell CHO medium development. To download a copy, please click here.

From the poster, you will learn about:

  • Activities performed in the development of a multi-clone CHO medium
  • Technologies to improve and facilitate medium development
  • Performance of the HyCell CHO medium with several CHO clones

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