Whitepaper: The assessment of cognitive safety in compounds using cloud based clinical trial information systems throughout drug development

In this whitepaper, Dr Charlotte Housden, Cambridge Cognition, acknowledges the increasing pressure on pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the development of safe and effective treatments whilst reducing the risk of failure and encouraging commercial drug differentiation. In response to this growing demand, Cambridge Cognition has developed two cloud computing products to test cognitive safety and tolerability in drug development: Clinical Trial Information System – Profile (CTIS-Profile) and – Profile 2+ (CTIS-Profile 2+)

The clinical Trial Information System profiles are rapid, highly sensitive computerized systems designed for the assessment of cognitive impairment in drug safety trials. CTIS-Profile 2+ are designed to support the assessment of compounds for cognitive safety throughout drug development. The CTIS-Profile and CTIS-Profile 2+ products target key cognitive domains commonly affected by pharmacological manipulation, including psychomotor processing speed, visual episodic memory, working memory and executive function. CTIS-Profile and CTIS-Profile 2+ are supported by 30 years of research and over 1,300 peer reviewed publications. This legacy of research ensures the validity and reliability of test results. Alongside this, the cognitive tests within CTIS-Profile and CTIS-Profile 2+ have been used in over 135 clinical trials.

Download to learn:

  • CTIS-Profile: Cognitive assessment for Phase I
  • CTIS-Profile 2+: Cognitive assessment for Phase II onwards
  • Psychometric properties of CTIS-Profile and CTIS-Profile 2+
  • Demonstrate cognitive safety
  • Define a clinically significant cognitive impairment
  • Detect adverse cognitive effects in small samples
  • Delivered on the Cantab Connect cloud computing platform
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Summary

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