World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress 2015

Leading industry insights from stem cells & regenerative medicine professionals

This May 20th, London will welcome over 60 leading international speakers to the 10th annual World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress. Ahead of then we wanted to give you a taste of what you will hear on-site with some exclusive insights from these esteemed thought-leaders.

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The past year has highlighted both the challenges to get market access in the cell therapy and regenerative medicine sectors but also how these therapies can overcome regulatory and financial hurdles to successfully treat the patients who need them the most.

We spoke to our revered speaker faculty to find out what they thought had been the biggest achievement in their respective industries over the last 12 months. Perry Karsen, CEO of Celgene Cellular Therapeutics considers that “the advance of CAR-T as a viable therapeutic and the accompanying recognition that cells, in this case engineered, can deliver meaningful therapeutic benefits” to be the biggest achievement is the domain of cell therapies and regenerative medicine.

Amongst the questions asked to the speakers, we wanted to find out who, either a person or company, they thought would be ‘the next big thing’. The responses were very much determined by which therapeutic field they were most interested in but David Pan, Programme Manager at the UK Regenerative Medicine Platform, thinks that Cell Therapy Catapult are the ones to watch. In his speaker interview he commented that “the Cell Therapy Catapult is already demonstrating its unique position and central role in driving research towards commercial propositions. As we move forward this role is only likely to increase exponentially to the benefit of commercially viable and investable therapies – the companies that may be associated with this and UK plc overall”.

Finally we concluded the speaker interviews but asking them all what they think will be the biggest topic of discussion at this year’s event. Thomas Fellner, Head of Business Development, Cell Therapy Development Services at Lonza, foresees the biggest talking point at the conference to be “Japan, and how the new regulatory framework will impact the overall cell therapy field. In particular, it will be interesting to follow discussions on the EMA’s and FDA’s position and what their responses would be to these regulatory changes in Japan”.

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