Tata whitepaper on clinical trials

Leveraging Emerging Technologies to Improve Patient Centricity in Clinical Trials

Patient centricity is pivotal to patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials. Hence companies involved in drug development such as pharmaceutical and biotech companies try to introduce novel strategies to improve patient enrolment and satisfaction.

As pharmaceutical companies compete with each other to bring more novel drugs to the market, the volunteer patient pool is fast getting depleted, due to challenges like lack of awareness and access to clinical trials, fear and distrust or suspicions of research, lack of effective communication etc. This adversely affects the successful completion of research studies and opportunities to save time and money.
To encourage patient recruitment, pharmaceutical companies utilize new technologies for advertising and focus on direct two way communication with patients.

Emerging Technologies being leveraged :

  • Social Media
  • Mobility
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Electronic Patient Reported Outcome Data Capture Tools
  • Interactive Response Technology
  • E-Informed Consent
  • Virtual Trials

Future Trends in Clinical Research :

  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Cloud computing and Big Data Analytics

This paper by Rita Shah provides an overview of how emerging technologies can enhance patient centric approaches to overcome challenges that pharmaceutical companies face in the recruitment, retention and engagement of patients in clinical trials.

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