3D bio printing human body parts

Japanese scientists from University of Tokyo Hospital has worked their way to develop an amazing technique in customisation of body parts via 3D printing technology. With 3D bio-printer, it is expected that cells can be “printed” in the way mimicking the native cells arrangements within organs. If successful, this discovery will fully eliminate the need for organ transplantation in current population.

By adopting biologic samples from patients, it is believed that building of functional organs to be transplanted without rejection is possible in near future. The amazing medical device showcase by these scientists have brought hope for many doctors and patients who await for donated organs in sustaining their lives.

Nevertheless, the success of medical device such as 3D bioprinter would not be possible without funds from their investors. From the eyes’ of investors, how do they evaluate the real value of Asia’s healthcare market? How do investors manage their risk in medtech investment in Asia?  You can hear from George Poole, ASEAN Managing Director of  Medtronic International and other medical device experts by joining us at BioPharma Asia 2015 this March on 23rd to 25th, Singapore. 

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