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Whitepaper: Diabetes and Cognition

Disorder-specific impairments and treatment-induced effects on cognitive function

Diabetes mellitus is defined by high blood glucose concentrations and the body’s inability to regulate these concentrations properly. The incidence and prevalence of diabetes vary across countries and are expected to increase during the coming decades owing to the influence of lifestyle and socioeconomic factors. The current prevalence of diabetes in Europe and the USA peaks at 10–20%, at around 70 years of age. Diabetes is a complex disorder and several factors, either related to the disease itself or treatment thereof, can impact the brain and affect cognitive function.

In this whitepaper on Diabetes and Cognition, Cambridge Cognition will outline:

  • Cognitive deficits in diabetes
  • Cantab and diabetes
  • Cantab cognitive safety assessment tool

and many more!

Download Whitepaper

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