Download White Paper : Engaging Clinical Trial Sites – The Role of the Clinical Trial Liaison

Enrollment in clinical trials is heavily dependent on two very important customers: the research subject and the clinical trial investigator. Research subjects are highly valuable since it is obviously impossible to complete a clinical trial without a willing group of participants. There are many groups and even entire companies that specialize in engaging potential subjects and connecting them to clinical trials (Centerwatch 2004). A variety of “direct-to-patient” strategies are used to engage potential subjects, including traditional media advertising (TV, radio, newspaper), Web-based strategies (including social media) and community outreach among others.

In today’s whitepaper discussion, Dr Martin Lee, Vice President, Investigator Relations, PRA Health Sciences shares his insights on clinical trial strategies, particularly on patient enrollment strategies.

Focusing on how the clinical trial site is the important customer, Dr Lee dissects the trial site’s organization and model and discusses about the intricacies involved with each unit. Dr Lee summed up and talked about the importance of the Clinical Trial Liaison (CTL) as well as how CTLs can take up the dynamic role in engaging the trial sites.

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