A-Z of HPAPI eBook, in support of the World HPAPI Congress 2015

Download eBook: A-Z of High Potency APIs

High potency APIs, highly potent compounds, HAPI, HPAPI – there are many ways to communicate the hazard, but the confusion surrounding the mitigation of the risks remains abundant.
During our research, as we put together this year’s High Potency API World Congress, it became clear, that for this fairly new sector within the pharmaceutical industry, there were indeed challenges surrounding a common understanding, and language, of high potency API manufacturing.

So with that in mind, we’ve put together a preparative guide to manufacturing highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients – An A-Z of HPAPI if you will.

Download the A-Z of HPAPI eBook here.

To try and shed some light on the myriad of terminology being bounced around the pharmaceutical industry, we asked you all for some clarification on the words and terms you use. Based on industry insights then, this eBook will provide you with perspectives on what the industry consider the biggest hurdles, the greatest opportunities and the most common confusions within high potency API manufacturing.

• Do you want to know which Big Pharma are getting involved in the high potency sector?
• How about the ins and outs of the hierarchy of controls?
• Which geography is leading the way with their high potency manufacturing capabilities?

The eBook will answer these questions and more!

To view the eBook looking at everything from ADCs to GMPs to M&As, click here.

For more information on this eBook or on the World High Potency API Congress, taking place 11 November 2015, contact hannah.yates@terrapinn.com.