Download the Infographic: Facts and Figures of High Potency API Manufacturing

In last week’s blog post we covered the A-Z of HPAPI – High Potency API – giving you a preparative guide ahead of this November’s World High Potency API Congress. This week, it’s the turn of the facts and figures that are driving the incredible, and fast-pace, development of this pharmaceutical sector upwards.

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  • For a sector that is hot on everyone’s lips, do you actually know what percentage of drugs in development globally are estimated, by industry analysts, as being highly potent?
  • With the high market potential is contention, what is the forecasted value that the global high potency API market is expected to reach by 2018?
  • It is thought that the oncology market is providing the principal drivers for the high potency API manufacturing market but what percentage of HPAPIs in production are for the purpose of treating cancer and what effect is this having on both the value of the oncology sector?

Answer these questions and more with the aid of this week’s HPAPI Infographic – a figurative guide to manufacturing highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients.

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