Raj More, Chief Architect & CEO of RxLogix Corporation to present at the Drug Safety Europe Congress this September in Berlin

Raj, a senior Relsys employee, started with Relsys in 1997, and has been associated with Argus Safety from its v1.0.  He was VP of Services & Strategy at Relsys when Relsys was acquired by Oracle. Raj has personally implemented Argus Safety in more than 50 companies both large and small. Simply put, Raj is synonymous with Argus, the two are intertwined and always will be.

RxLogix is a boutique PV Solutions company. Starting with 1.5 resources 4 years ago, RxLogix will reach 100 employees by the end of the year, it has a global presence with offices in the US, London, Tokyo and Noida, headquartered out of Irvine, CA as well as an office in Princeton, NJ.

RxLogix is a PV Solutions based company focusing on the following:

  • Offering all types of services related to Argus Safety.
  • Offering PV Analytics Suite of software products which work plug-n-play with Argus Safety.
  • One of the Top 3 pharma companies in the world is implementing RxLogix solutions as an add on, on Argus reporting capabilities.
  • Several of the Top 50 Pharma are at advanced stages of evaluating this solution.

RxLogix won the Tech Showcase at the World Safety Congress Americas in April, beating out the competition who displayed their upcoming products and were judged by a thought leadership panel of reknowned Pharma experts. Business leaders with experience, insight, and knowledge were asked to help score nominations and share feedback with candidates.  RxLogix’s products received the excellence award for the most innovative products that has an “Apple like simplicity” and rich in functionality.

RXLogix Tech showcase

RxLogix will be exhibiting at DIA US June 15-17 2015, RxLogix will be showcasing Argus Accelerator, the rapid Argus 8.x upgrade solution, E2B R3, RxLogix PV Analytics Suite. World class software products that deliver reporting, analytics and signal detection capability that enhance the Argus software with innovative reporting and visualization. We are located in the US, Europe, India and Japan, to deliver exemplary projects on-time, to-plan and to-budget.

Want to know why RxLogix was selected to win the prestigious Tech Showcase Excellence Award? Stop by and see us at Booth #2521.


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