Industry Insights: European Antibody Congress 2015

The past year has been hugely defining in the discovery and development of therapeutics antibodies. From huge advances in cancer therapies and immune system modulation to recent developments in immunotherapy, neurological applications, treating infectious disease to creating vaccines: antibody based drugs are set to have profound effects in every area of medicine in the very near future.

Covering everything from discovery and development to getting an antibody to market, the European Antibody Congress will play host to 600 members of the antibodies community from industry, research and academia meet and do business in 2015.

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We spoke to our revered speaker faculty to find out what they thought had been the biggest achievement in the antibody therapeutic sector over the last 12 months. Dr Michael Postow, Medical Oncology Fellow, Memorial Sloane Kettering considers that “Immunomodulatory antibodies that target T-cell checkpoints (CTLA-4 and PD-1/PD-L1)” to be the biggest achievement in this area.”

We also asked them who they thought would be the ‘next big thing thing’ within the antibody sector and why, as well as what the biggest topic of conversation would be at this year’s meeting and which disease offers the biggest opportunity for antibody drugs moving forward.

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