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Life in a Post-Antibiotic Era – Vice News

Like many, we here at Terrapinn are big fans of HBO’s Vice News. They cover many topics – and they cover them well. A few weeks back they had a segment on Anti-microbial resistance titled “The Post-Antibiotic Era”. Within it, they featured a few scientists in the space working on unique research. One of them was Brian Bachmann, a researcher from Vanderbilt University. The episode highlighted his cave-diving in order to find undiscovered microbes, with the hopes of using them to produce novel antimicrobial agents.

So, of course, we had to talk to him and invite him to speak at the first World Anti-Microbial Resistance Congress this October.

This VICE episode focuses on Brian’s work digging down deep to find us novel AMR antibiotics, into the Earth’s reservoirs of unexplored microbial life: caves and caverns. By discovering new and unique microbes below the surface, Brian is able to mine their genomes to discover never before seen targets and scaffolds. He will be showcasing this and also the latest in his genome mining project: hunting through the DNA of discovered and yet-undiscovered microbes to find genes related to resistance and antibiotic development.

He joins a great lineup of speakers from pharma such as Actavis and Merck on how their work plays into the bigger picture of expanding antibiotic development through overcoming scientific hurdles in the space, such as target discovery.

The scientific hurdles can, of course, only be overcome with funding, which is why on top of the scientific focus we have also brought BARDA and Wellcome Trust, among others, to showcase how to gain and keep funding from their organizations.

View the Episode from HBO’s Vice News here >

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