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Innovation in emerging markets

In the latest of his series of articles on emerging markets innovation (Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Sept 2014; Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Jan 2015; JMDS, June 2015; Drug Discovery Today, July 2015), Dr. Ajay Gautam has published a new study in the August issue of Nature Review Drug Discovery to review these markets at a granular, therapeutic area level. The review evaluates China, S Korea, India, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Poland and S Africa across prominent therapy areas of oncology, infection, neuroscience, cardiovascular, metabolic, respiratory and autoimmune diseases using parameters such as publications, clinical trials and innovative biotech companies per therapy area per country. Though the study did not look at Mexico key therapy areas that need more research and drug development are as follows: metabolic disease, oncology, infectious diseases, and obesity and diabetes. Obesity and diabetes are among the fastest growing disease areas in Mexico of all markets globally. China and S Korea demonstrate strengths in oncology, S Africa and Brazil in infectious diseases, and India demonstrates a diverse distribution across several therapy areas, while countries such as Russia, Turkey and Poland are still lagging in specific therapy area expertise. A blog of Dr. Gautam can also be viewed here.

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