Big Data Solutions: Interview with Bob Rogers @Intel

Bob RogersBig Data Solutions is the leading big data initiative of Intel that aims to empower business with the tools, technologies, software and hardware for managing big data. Big Data solutions is at the forefront of big data analytics and our supporting partner DNA Digest got in touch with one of our speakers at BioData World Congress–  Bob Rogers, Chief Data Scientist, to talk about his role, big data for genomics and his contributions to the 2015 Congress.

We want to share some glimpses of the interview and you will be able to download the full interview below.

1. What is your background and your current role?

Chief Data Scientist for Big Data Solutions. My mission is to put powerful analytics tools in the hands of every business decision maker. My responsibility is to ensure that Intel is leading in big data analytics in the areas of empowerment, efficiency, education and technology roadmap. I help customers ask the right questions to ensure that they are successful with their big data analytics initiatives.

I began with a PhD in physics. During my postdoc, I got interested in artificial neural networks, which are systems that compute the way the brain computes. I co-wrote a book on time series forecasting using artifical neural networks that resulted in a number of people asking me if I could forecast the stock market. I ended up forming a quantitative futures fund with three other partners, which we ran for 12 years. That was my first experience with big data, since we were working with a large amount of historical and streaming tick-by-tick data from the markets….

2. What is the most influential achievement in your career?

The development of the Apixio Big Data stack that has allowed us to reveal the True State of the Patient through advanced analytics is a very proud accomplishment. The key is that this view of the patient is computable…

3.  What are you bringing to the BioData World Congress 2015? Do you have any expectations about it?

I bring the perspective of an outsider data scientist with deep understanding of the clinical side of the equation. I am not a genomics expert, but I am passionate about the potential of supporting the life science community with the analytical tools of Big Data…

4.  How do you explain BIG DATA to lay people? What is the main power of BIG DATA, in your opinion?

Big Data is simply the ability to analyze any kind of information to yield robust, repeatable, actionable insights. In the past, there have been many obstacles to meaningful data analytics. For example, huge data sets were difficult or impossible to process in a single analysis on a single computer. Textual and image data took too much computing time to analyze, or the results were too noisy to use. Streaming data was difficult to manage and impossible to respond to in real time. The technologies that allow us to overcome these obstacles are all part of the Big Data world…

Download the full interview below.

Interview with Bob Rogers

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