World Vaccine Congress 2015: Industry Insights

The World Vaccine Congress  is the  premier event in the vaccine calendar. It is the place where the vaccine industry meets to discuss scientific and commercial issues around vaccine research, development, manufacture and distribution. With only seven weeks to go till the event, we’re getting pretty excited and we hope you are too!  We’ve been in touch with a few of our key speakers to find out their thoughts the following topics:

  • How has the recent emergence/re-emergence of zoonotic infections impacted the vaccines industry?
  • What important points do you hope to convey in your talk and what information can you give me now that I can look forward to?
  • What new technologies and vaccine approaches do you feel will be further developed and used by big pharma in the future?

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Hear exclusive insights from:

  • Dr Rino Rappuoli,  Chief Scientist,  GSK Vaccines
  • Dr Pierre Morgon,  CEO,  AJ Biologics
  • Dr Lorenzo Montrasio,  Head of Biological Medicinal Products Unit,  AIFA
  • Dr Kuldip Sra, Associate Director, Principal Scientist,  AstraZeneca
  • Dr Sean Tucker, CSO and VP Research,  Vaxart
  • Assoc. Prof Ashlesh K. Murthy,  Associate Professor,  Midwestern University
  • Prof Manuel Carrondo,  Director,  I.B.E.T.
  • Dr Matthew Heath,  Lead Technical Writer, Allergy Therapeutics
  • Dr Ali M. Harandi, Lab head, Dpt of Microbiology & Immunology, University of Gothenburg

*Disclaimer: the views stated in the interviews are the speaker’s own and not representative of the views of the companies which they work for*

To find out more about the World Vaccine Congress Europe 2015, download event brochure.  The event will be taking place 9-11 November in the Silken Puerta América, Madrid. Book now to save!