Industry Insights: The World Biosimilar Congress 2015

Who is really impacted by healthcare spend? Is it the pharma companies investing millions in bringing drugs to market? The academics reliant on grants to provide research into new formulas and compounds? The service providers who rely on continued drug development and manufacturing to operate?

Not exactly. At the end of the day, it’s the patients and their loved ones who really feel the impact of strained healthcare budgets.

Life-extending or life-saving biologic drugs are simply not available to every patient who needs them. And too often, industry conferences consist of drug developers arbitrarily debating development challenges and new market opportunities without recognising this as a problem.

But not this one. At the World Biosimilar Congress the industry in attendance are fiercely aware of the impact biosimilar drugs have on patient populations. Whether it’s about making a life-extending drug available to a few more people, or enabling the criteria for who receives these costly products to widen, the patient is always front of mind. For the past three years, we’ve been proud to be a part of an industry that is working tirelessly to bring cost-effective biologic drugs to patients.

In 2015, the World Biosimilar Congress is going one step further. One of the biggest problems for this important field is end-user uptake. For the industry to succeed, it’s vital that clinicians, nurses and medical staff are educated in interchangeability and extrapolation issues. It’s important that patient advocacy groups are aware of the impact of biosimilar drugs and are prepared to fight for them. And that payers really understand the benefits of their adoption. In 2015, we’re excited to bring all of these stakeholders together with industry for an explosive two days.

Please, join us to help bring these important drugs to life and develop an industry that will truly impact healthcare spend in the near future. And the lives of those patients who receive them.
As we reach our 4th anniversary, we asked some of the speakers to give us their thoughts on the biggest achievements over the past 12 months as well as their expectations for the year ahead. This e-book contains just a handful of those answers to give you a taste of what to expect in November.

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Hear insights from:

  • Mr. Steffen Thirstrup, Director, NDA Regulatory Advisory Board, NDA Advisory Services
  • Dr. Ruediger Jankowsky, Managing Director, Cinfa Biotech

To find out more about the World Biosimilar Congress  2015download event brochure.  The event will be taking place 9-10 November in the Congress Centre, Basel. Book now to save!