Ajay Gautam of AstraZeneca spoke at BioPharma Mexico 2014

AstraZeneca’s Ajay Gautam on innovation in emerging markets

Last year’s BioPharma Mexico was a huge success, and we were excited to have Ajay Gautam, Executive Director and Head of Emerging Markets for AstraZeneca, as one of our speakers.

Ajay has a broad experience in Big Pharma, start-ups, private equity, and venture capital with the last 7 years spent in the Emerging Markets of Latin America, Middle East, and Northern Africa. In his current role as Executive Director and Head, Emerging Markets Collaborations, Innovative Medicines Unit, at AstraZeneca, Ajay leads the R&D strategy and collaborations across the emerging markets.

Prior to joining AstraZeneca, Dr. Gautam was the Co-founder and Managing Director of Bio-nAbler, a healthcare investment firm focused on the Emerging Markets with a core focus on the India, Middle East and North Africa region. Ajay, along with his co-founder, conceptualized the firm, raised equity capital, and led transactions and advisory projects in R&D, Branded Generics, Manufacturing, CROs and Specialty Pharma across emerging markets, such as Algeria, Egypt, India, S. Korea, S. Africa, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Morocco.

Download Ajay’s 2014 presentation >

Ajay gave the conference’s opening keynote address on building a life science innovation cluster in Mexico as in other emerging markets.

Download his presentation slides to find out what Ajay had to say about:

  • Innovation in emerging markets
  • A few case studies
  • AstraZeneca fostering innovation in emerging markets
  • Looking forward

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