Tulane University – Rebuilding a Research Powerhouse

Ahead of BioData World Congress we wanted to share some examples of where high-performance computing is having a real and meaningful impact on scientific research.

Tulane University needed to create a new high-performance (HPC) infrastructure following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Technology from Intel and Dell brings an all-in-one cluster solution to Tulane, helping them to achieve extraordinary work across molecular dynamics, genomics and molecular imaging.

The result is a highly-scalable environment featuring a high-performance file system, Lustre, with Hadoop layered on top to perform big data analytics. These new capabilities are enabling Tulane University to position themselves at the head of new research opportunities, such as the federally-funded US initiative to map the human brain.


Intel is a Silver Sponsor for BioData World Congress. Join the event on the 21-22 October 2015 at Wellcome Genome Camus, Cambridge to meet them!