Abbot Laboratories Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Considerations in Purchasing a LIMS

Randy C. Hice | Abbot Laboratories

Many scientific enterprises find themselves in need of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to replace an incumbent system, whether an existing commercial application, an amalgam of systems, or an in-house solution. Once the decision has been made, the selection and deployment of a new LIMS should move quickly and decisively. This white paper serves as a guide to selecting a commercial (LIMS).

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 Key Stakeholders Benefitting from this Document:

  • Quality Control

Quality Control (QC) personnel are invested in data accuracy and completeness of testing. Modern commercial LIMS provide field-level data authentication to trap entries inconsistent with pre-established rules. Reproducibility in calculations is a critical concern as well as ensuring that all required testing has been completed within prescribed limits.

  • Lab Supervisors

Supervisory personnel are responsible for first level review. Commercial LIMS can queue up work to be reviewed and notify supervisors of impending review tasks. Work assignments and laboratory workload balancing are also functions capable of being monitored and managed within a LIMS, and the automation of these tasks greatly improves supervisor productivity.

  • Information Technology

Ensuring that LIMS are utilizing current technology are chief objectives of IT, as are clear maintenance and support policies. IT is also going to be very interested in the underlying technology utilized in the design of the product.

  • Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) personnel are interested in the tools the LIMS supplies that facilitate the implementation of QA policies, ensure that regulatory requirements such as 21 CFR 11 are met, and allow for quick access to information to respond to audit requests.

  • Laboratory Personnel

The success of any LIMS is most reliant upon the user community being willing to use and trust the system. The fundamental axiom held by LIMS users is that the software must make life easier, not more difficult, and software that increases user workload invites shortcuts and workarounds— none of which benefit the enterprise.

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