Challenges With Developing Agents to Treat Gram Negative Infections

“Challenges with Developing Agents to Treat Gram Negative Infections”

Ian Friedland of Achaogen joined us for World Antimicrobial Resistance Congress USA 2015 to discuss ‘challenges with developing agents to treat gram negative infections’ .

In this presentation, learn about some of the major areas of nonalignment between the FDA and EMA and other challenges faced in clinical development of agents for treatment of gram negative infections.

Download the presentation to understand more about:

  • Regulatory challenges–FDA vs. EMA
  • Study design and size challeges
  • Enrollment estimation and timelines challenges
  • Commercialization challenges

…and much more!

Get your copy here!

To find out more about regulatory differences and the challenges they present , attend  World Anti-Microbial Resistance Congress USA 2016 held September 8-9 in Washington, DC .

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