An insight into NIH’s Big Data to Knowledge project

Phil Bourne BioData USA speakerDNAdigest– official supporter of BioData World Congress USA, interviewed Phil Bourne – Associate Director for Data Science at the National Institutes of Health about the Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) project.

What is Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K)?
“BD2K is an NIH program across 27 institutes of about 110 million dollars a year. The program focus is on the challenges emerging in data across biosciences, and leveraging the power of biomedical data to benefit the NIH.
The impact of the BD2K is across all biomedical data science research, supporting the exciting science that would not happen with traditional means.
Take for example the Center for Predictive Phenotyping which is mining electronic health records (EHRs) at scale. They use computing ability combined with the vast information captured in EHRs, such as CD-9 codes associated with medical conditions, to get to a point of undertaking medical intervention for the patients. Another example project is the Stanford project regarding mobility data. They use mobility info, body mass index, GPS coordinates, and more for gait rehabilitation and weight management research…”
Phil, one of the 80+ world leading speakers will be presenting Highlights from the NIH Big Data To Knowledge (BD2K) program at the congress in Boston 14-15 September. Download the brochure for more information.