Digital Reimagination of Clinical Trials

Digital technologies help transform and reposition businesses around the globe. The life sciences industry has also felt their impact, and numerous attempts have been made over the last few years to pilot the use of these technologies in clinical trials. Given the common challenges of on-time patient recruitment, retention, adherence, and stringent clinical trial  execution timelines faced by life sciences companies, a reliable framework is necessary to digitize clinical trials. The primary purpose of a clinical trial is to identify drug efficacy and safety parameters in humans. The timely completion of a trial depends on numerous factors, including site performance, timely recruitment of patients, dropout rate, patient adherence and compliance to the treatment, and the ability to take related decisions faster. As patient-specific factors can lead to delays during trials, a strong digital connect presents an opportunity to build trust with patients. This paper conducts an in-depth assessment of clinical trial processes to identify opportunities to reimagine these processes using the Digital Five Forces. It also presents key initiatives and select industry examples to highlight successful engagements. Download Whitepaper Tata Consultancy Services is the Platinum Sponsor at HNC’s World Drug Safety Europe being held on the September 14-15 2016, in London.