Cepheid’s Diagnostics First: Providing education and solutions in the AMR space

Diagnostics companies are joining the fight against antimicrobial resistance in full force as the concern for repercussions of inaction grow. One such company, Cepheid, has taken its solution provider identification even more seriously than most, launching the Diagnostics First initiative. This program champions rapid diagnostics and molecular testing as a key tool in preventing resistance.

Accurate and timely diagnostic testing can be the missing piece in the fight against AMR. These tests are designed to provide the information needed by healthcare providers to correctly diagnose a patient the first time, with no guesswork, which would significantly limit prescription of unnecessary antibiotics. As a leader in this industry, Cepheid has found a way to use this expertise to spread knowledge and information to others in the space and help promote the focus on diagnostics first before any other treatment is administered, as a key in the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

Users can register at http://www.cepheid.com/us/healthcare-impact/focus-on-amr/learn-more to receive customized and educational content that will provide answers and solutions for improving infection prevention and antimicrobial stewardship. This content will include updates that will keep readers at the forefront of each development in the antimicrobial resistance crisis.

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