Zenith Serialisation Whitepaper

Overcoming the practical challenges of Pharmaceutical Serialization

Is Pharmaceutical Serialization on your radar? With new regulations either being implemented or pending should it be?

Serialization entails adding a unique identifier to single saleable units of prescription and some other medicines so they can be tracked and authenticated throughout the supply chain. Requirements for serialization are already active in some parts of the world and they will be obligatory in most major markets within a few years. Pharmaceutical manufacturers need to act soon or risk fines, loss of market share and damage to both reputation and stakeholder confidence.

In this whitepaper we aim to show that, while challenging, serialization is achievable and can even bring wider business benefits, providing the process is well planned and executed.

This white paper sets out a roadmap for the successful implementation of a serialization programme applicable to pharmaceutical companies of any size and complexity. It is based on practical experience of implementing serialization for some of the world’s largest companies. Important lessons have been learnt, and we are keen to pass these along to the industry as a whole.

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