Zenith Case Study

Case study: MES Centre of Excellence

The Challenge

A global pharmaceutical company with sites worldwide had a requirement to standardise their Manufacturing Execution Systems across four sites. In order to achieve this they wanted to create an MES Centre of Excellence (CoE) that would sit above all sites and provide leadership, best practices, research, support and training. The CoE needed to be tailored to the customer’s needs and flexible enough to work within a disparate configuration of the same MES platform. The four sites, in Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium and the USA, were of similar manufacturing types, focused on either large or small molecule pharmaceuticals, but each had implemented standalone and individual MES solutions.

The main aim of the MES solution was to generate electronic batch records integrated with both the enterprise and process control layers. All sites were using the same application, but it had been configured and installed differently. Although the MES Systems were achieving core benefits (such as right first time, error reduction, just in time manufacturing and reduced batch release time), there was little standardisation between the plants.

Each site also operated its own operational support and when it came time to upgrade systems, each went through the process independently, with considerable duplication of effort. The client recognised that this was not a best practice way of working and that efficiencies could be achieved through standardisation.

The company was aware that Zenith had successfully implemented and supported a wide range of MES projects and had developed considerable expertise in this field. They asked the Zenith Team to carry out a full evaluation of the current systems, develop the plan to create a centre of excellence and take it forward through implementation, management and support phases. Before the client was ready to proceed they required a clear and impartial assessment of the benefits acquired from developing a CoE across the four sites, together with a detailed implementation plan.

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