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Breaking news: First Precision Medicine trial to demonstrate improved patient outcomes

Original article found on Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review

Exciting Precision Medicine news hit the papers, blogs and news outlets this week. On September 23rd, a clinical trial for types of Advance Cancer was the first of its kind to demonstrate the power of precision medicine – individualizing treatment. The results were presented at the Molecular Analysis for Personalised Therapy (MAP) conference.

According to the research, this trial indicated how personalized medicine can slow a tumor’s ability to grow back. Patients with advanced cancer who underwent gene mapping to inform the tailored treatment, resulted in tum ours growing back 30x slower than compared to previous therapies those same patients received. Out of 1110 patients, the 199 who had their genes mapped had a variety of types of cancer, including lung, breast, head and stomach, among others. Their cancers were delayed in returning by as much as 32 months, according to the researchers.

“This is the first precision medicine trial to show that analyzing a person’s DNA improves treatment options for patients with late stage cancer,” Jean Charles Soria, MD, PhD, principal investigator on the trial with the Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus in Paris, said in a statement. “And these results are particularly exciting because in some cases we were testing experimental drugs, and found that we could slow down the growth of tumors in around one in five patients with advanced cancer.”

This is one of many Precision Medicine success stories since the launch of President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative. Individualizing treatment is evidently the future.

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