Sign the petition to support Precision Medicine – it’s time for the Presidential Candidates to have the facts

Every year, over a million Americans are diagnosed with Cancer. Today more than 4,500 Americans will go home to their families with the worst news of their lives. On November 8th, Americans will go to the polls to decide the future of the country. We are calling on all Americans, including the 2 at the ballot box, to consider the hope of humanity and take the step to cure cancer. Why now?

“The fate of the fledgling Precision Medicine Initiative, giving hope to millions of Americans that they could witness the end of hundreds of diseases in their lifetimes, rests solely on your shoulders. The pharmaceutical, insurance and healthcare IT industries are waiting to see who you will be and what you will do.”Open Letter to the Future President

The PMI launched by President Obama in 2015 is the most important Federal Healthcare Legislation of modern times. “Through advances in research, technology and policies that empower patients, the PMI will enable a new era of medicine in which researchers, providers and patients work together to develop individualized care.” – Read more here:

We at the World Precision Medicine Congress USA 2016 are representing the Precision Medicine industry. We are calling on mother and fathers, survivors and allies to show their support for Precision Medicine by signing our petition calling for our 45th President to help us take the next step to a cure, not only for Cancer, but for various diseases including pulmonary and rare.


How can you help us rise awareness?

Step 1: We wrote an Open Letter to the Future President. You can download the Open Letter here >>

Step 2: We have launched an extensive Social Media campaign. Join in by tweeting to the hashtag #PMedUSA – or by sharing this LinkedIn Pulse.

Step 3: Sign the Petition here –

It’s that simple!

For more information about Precision Medicine, please visit:

This initiative has already hit Times Square! Join the Precision Medicine movement now.  World Precision Medicine Congress USA 2016