The Women of Precision Medicine – #girlpower

As you may be aware, over the past year the conference industry has come under fire for failing to have equal representation of women at their events. Life science conferences in particular have been at the center of the debate. Personally, I feel we’re missing the point. We should be
highlighting the successes of women who are making waves in these traditionally male-dominated industries at events.

This will encourage more women into these industries and also encourage them to put their hands up and say – I’m doing something worth hearing about. So, this is exactly what I’ve decided to do at the World Precision Medicine Congress USA 2016!

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To start, I sent our female speakers – the TOP experts in the industry – 3 questions:

  • Pharmaceuticals and healthcare are entering a new paradigm with precision medicine. Do you think that this new paradigm is opening more opportunities for women in life sciences?
  • What motivated you to get into this field, and how has your experience of being a woman in life sciences shaped your current outlook on the space?
  • What is your message for young girls interested in your field deciding whether to enter the sciences or take a different route?

Download The Women in Precision Medicine Interview eBook >>

I hope that you enjoy their answers. For all the women making waves not only in Precision Medicine, but in male-dominated industries – #girlpower

Freya Smale | Marketing Director
World Precision Medicine Congress USA 2016


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