Orphan drugs in Asia: insights and strategies on market access



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02 February | 14:00-15:00 GMT


Dr Xia Chen

Dr Francois Lucas

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Orphan drugs in Asia: 

insights and strategies on market access

Market access of orphan drugs (ODs) in Asia is challenged by high cost, limited data and lack of awareness. Increased budget constraints in recent years
are intensifying pressure on both payers and policy makers in Asia (e.g. Australia and Japan) to explore new ways of managing healthcare expenditure, some of which will impact market access of ODs. 

The challenge is compounded by the sheer diversity of markets across Asia, suggesting that a one size fits all solution will not work. On the contrary,
tailored action plans will be essential to meet the particular dynamics, culture and challenges facing individual markets.

This one hour webinar analyses representative markets in Asia to deliver insights on:

  • The current market access landscape for ODs in Asia
  • Real-world implications for OD access in Asia of recent changes, policy developments and payer activities
  • Strategies and potential solutions for pharmaceutical companies to support market assess of OD in Asia

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