Pharma Pricing Congress

Hot topics in pharma and orphan drugs

By Christina Poschen

I attended this year’s Pharma Pricing and Market Access Conference in London with attendees across the pharmaceutical industry, payer and HTA bodies and patient representatives. While following the talks, panel discussions and roundtable debates, a few overarching key topics crystallised:

–          Germany – AMNOG changes

AMNOG, the German pharmaceutical law is regularly adapted to changes in the environment, the latest update is just discussed by the German government and is expected to be finalised around April or May 2017 (click here for our AMNOG review). These changes will guide future market access activities in Germany. A successful drug assessment from the Joint Federal Committee’s (G-BA) is highly dependent on the study design. During the conference, Thomas Muller of the G-BA highlighted “Pricing begins with the study design” Relevant and objective endpoints are key for a successful G-BA assessment and will continue to be. HTA bodies are offering early advice to discuss study design and HTA related questions. In the future, manufacturers will be able to obtain joint advice from national HTA bodies as well as the EMA.

–          The concept of value

Interesting discussions came up during a panel that focused on the regulatory aspects of market access. Payer representatives and audience discussed value as the buzz word. What is value? Is value defined in the same way across countries? Is value interpreted in the same way by patients and by payers and regulators? Does value have the same meaning across different disease groups? What does this mean for orphan drugs? What does this mean for companies when developing their value story? How will the value story impact the reimbursement and market access decision? How can companies navigate and channel their value story? When companies are preparing for launch they need to understand which value story resonates with their individual audience, there is no one size fits all approach.

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|| The dates for Pharma Pricing & Market Access Congress 2018 have now been confirmed. 20-21 March 2018, we will look forward to welcoming you at the Business Design Center, London